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  G.T. Arpe


G.T. Arpe was most recently based in New York City. He is currently in Philadelphia. He sometimes performs as a one man band playing drums and guitar while singing and sometimes with backing help or in collaborations. He can play with just acoustic guitar or with other stuff. He can do weird noise or more normalish or semi-normal folky type music. He also sometimes does stuff with audience participation that veers into non-pretentious performance art. His most recent recording is 2021's 'Avant Realism'. For more details cleck the links below.

Latest record 'Avant Realism' out now!!!:

Past Tours:

Nov 2014 to May 2015-New Zealand/Australia

September, 2014-Korea

June/July, 2014-N.E. U.S.A.

March/April, 2014-Japan and Taiwan



Updates on @g.t.arpe and

Tech Rider: Whatever is available is okay. If you have nothing but a living room, etc., that is okay. If you have power, that is good. If you have 1 or 2 mic stands with mics and a pa with like 4 1/4 inch inputs-that is great. If you have a guitar and/or bass amp and drums in the venue that could also be even better. If you have a spare guitar or bass and/or other instruments that are temporaritly usable as well that is awesome..if you have 3 mics with stands on top of all that, that is best I suppose..

Recent video here below for song 'Squiggly City':

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