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G.T. Arpe was most recently based in Seoul, South Korea. He is currently in New York City. He does live music, sometimes solo and sometimes with drums and/or other backing. He can play with just acoustic guitar or with other stuff. He can do weird noise or more normalish or semi-normal folky type music. He also sometimes does stuff with audience participation that veers into non-pretentious performance art. His most recent recording is "One Man Band 2". For more details cleck the links below.

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New record "One Man Band #3" out now!!!:



Recent Tours:


Nov 2014 to May 2015-New Zealand/Australia


September, 2014-Korea

June/July, 2014-N.E. U.S.A.

March/April, 2014-Japan and Taiwan


Recent video here below for song "Argument: Aliens are real". 

                Tech Rider:

Whatever is available is okay. If you have nothing but a living room, etc., that is okay. If you have power, that is good. If you have 1 or 2 mic stands with mics and a pa with like 4 1/4 inch inputs-that is great. If you have a guitar and/or bass amp and drums in the venue that could also be even better. If you have a spare guitar or bass and/or other instruments that are temporaritly usable as well that is awesome..if you have 3 mics with stands on top of all that, that is best I suppose..